Webinar - Inno Infra Share - Final Event (Pt 2)

Online webinar
Webinar - Inno Infra Share - Final Event (Pt 2)

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Research and Innovation Infrastructures - RIIs - are key assets for the EU, for the scientific community as well as for applied research purposes. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has clearly shown how much research capacity provides a boost, at all levels, to tackle global and urgent problems. The INNO INFRA SHARE project has worked on several aspects related to RIIs including their development, exploitation and sustainability, as well as their potential for interregional collaboration.

The INNO INFRA SHARE final event intends to share knowledge on the partners experiences on RIIs, and to reflect on key elements related to RIIs potential. This will be done with the contribution of knowledgeable keynote speakers, project partners representatives, the European Commission and the Interreg Europe Joint Secretariat.

The event will take place in two online sessions: the first on the 6th October on "Research and innovation infrastructures and their exploitation", the second on the 27th October on "Interregional cooperation for innovation".

This event is organized within the Interreg Europe programme 2014-2020 


Time  Topic
10h00 Welcome and introduction by the moderator Alison Hunter

1st keynote

Barriers and opportunities for inter-regional Innovation networks
Kevin Morgan, Professor of Governance and Development - Cardiff University


INNO INFRA SHARE project partners presentations

University-industry cooperation in a startup-minded region
Alo Lilles - Tartu City Government

Impact of the current situation on interregional cooperation
Vojtech Helikar - Central European Institute of Technology

Facing the future of innovation support in Europe - What we have leraned with INNO INFRA SHARE about future challenges of innovation in Europe
Katharina Schöps - Chemnitz University of Technology

Development of regional innovation ecosystem in Vidzeme region
Kristaps Rocans - Vidzeme Planning Region
Inese Suija-Markova - Institute for Environmental Solutions


2nd keynote

European Digital Innovation Hubs - A European network for interregional cooperation
Sandro D'Elia, Programme Officer - European Commission (EC)

11h35 The state of play of interregional cooperation - Interreg Europe Joint Secretariat
11h50 Conclusions by the moderator Alison Hunter


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Online webinar